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Elevating Senior Care in Regina and Surrounding Communities

Welcome to Called to Care, where quality personalized care is our promise to the residents of Regina and surrounding communities. At Called to Care, we understand the importance of independence and strive to maintain and encourage it in every individual we serve.


24x7 Personal Care 








We are a team of friendly compassionate trained professionals


Our in-home care services are designed to meet the unique needs of each family we support. Whether it's assistance with daily tasks, companionship, or specialized care requirements, our team is dedicated to providing the highest-quality services tailored to fit your family's specific needs.

At Called to Care, we believe that every person deserves to live with dignity and respect. That's why we approach our work with compassion and professionalism, ensuring that seniors receive the attention and support they deserve.

What Called to Care Offers

Called to Care services help your loved ones live at home (or a retirement community) safely, easily and as independently as possible. We also provide relief for family and caregivers."


Discovering the Right Care is Essential

But the endeavor doesn't have to be overwhelmingly daunting. Our primary goal is to lighten your load by offering unwavering support and comprehensive guidance at every crucial stage of your way.


24x7 Personal Care

Our caregivers are dedicated to preserving your health and dignity, offering assistance with personal hygiene, medication reminders, vital monitoring, meal preparation, and more.




Whether you need temporary respite care or ongoing overnight support, we ensure your loved one's safety and comfort, allowing you to attend to your own needs with peace of mind.


Specialized Care

Receive tailored home care services designed for challenging conditions including Alzheimer’s, ALS, Parkinson’s, and beyond, supported by our trained and compassionate team.




Facilitate a swift and seamless recovery post-hospitalization with comprehensive physical and emotional support provided by our compassionate caregivers in your home.

Caring for complex needs with
Compassion and

Our enduring and merited reputation for excellence ensures seniors receive comprehensive care, addressing their emotional, social, cognitive, and spiritual needs alongside physical well-being.


Hospital Care

Our hospital care services prioritize the comfort, recovery, and well-being of patients, providing professional and compassionate support throughout their stay.


Bridging Home Care

Our tailored services empower seniors and individuals with disabilities to retain their independence. We bring assistance directly to you, providing the helping hands you need to thrive.



Activities and social interactions rank high among our priorities, as research consistently demonstrates their positive impact on the health and wellness of seniors.


Baby Sitting

Our babysitting services ensure a safe and nurturing environment for children, allowing parents to attend to their responsibilities with peace of mind when we are here.


Meals & Diet

We provide three

nutritious meals,

fostering social interaction, along with

healthy snacks at

scheduled intervals throughout the day.

Your specialized care plan will be customized to meet your individual needs.

Our dedicated care team conducts thorough home assessments to deeply understand your needs and preferences, establishing a personal connection with you and your loved one. Through open discussions and evaluations, we tailor our care to your unique requirements, ensuring a compassionate and individualized approach in a person-centered setting. Consistency is key to fostering peace of mind and comfort, instilling confidence that you are well-cared for. Your personalized care plan empowers you to maintain your preferred routine, enabling you to prioritize what truly matters to you.

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Care at Home

Called to Care services help your loved ones live at home (or a retirement community) safely, easily and as independently as possible. We also provide relief for family and caregivers.

Care at Work

Called to Care offers comprehensive services designed to prioritize the safety and wellness of your staff, thereby enhancing workplace productivity and fostering a positive attitude across your organization.

Care in the Community

Called to Care proudly introduces a diverse array of clinics strategically crafted to champion the well-being of individuals within our community and city, aligning with our overarching mission of compassionate care.

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Most Important Facts & Information

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Looking for Retirement Home in Regina?

Emmanuel Villa is a 24-hour senior care home located in beautiful Emerald Park, Saskatchewan, just minutes east of Regina. We offer a full scope of care, ranging from Level 1 to Level 4, which includes palliative care and end-of-life care.

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