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Called to Care takes pride in introducing a wide spectrum of clinics meticulously designed to champion the well-being of individuals within our vibrant community and city, perfectly aligned with our overarching mission of delivering compassionate care and support.

Called to Care provides foot care. This service is an hour care which we conduct at your senior home, community center, or pharmacy by an advanced foot care nurse. This is an essential service for people with diabetes, as foot care can prevent problems and be used as a source of early identification, as well as other clients where foot care can improve movability, comfort and overall health.

Foot Care Service Includes:

  • foot care assessment

  • feet soaking

  • corn and callus care

  • nail cutting and filing

  • care of ingrown toe nails

Called to Care’s Health Risk Assessment includes:

  • A private interview with a Registered Nurse for 20 minutes

  • A Health Risk Assessment Personal Risk Profile (a custom-made questionnaire)

  • Clinical measurements – height, weight, blood pressure, pulse, hip, waist ratio, blood cholesterol test and blood sugar test

The Health Risk Assessment is a tool designed to assess the current and possible future risks of an individual’s health.

Called to Care provides wellness solutions that can be customized to meet the needs of any company. Wellness clinics include Health Risk Assessment and Cardio Wellness. All clinics are orchestrated by registered staff.

This program assists in cardiac risk reduction and lifestyle management through clinical measurement and one-on-one education. It has the options of :

  • Blood pressure and pulse

  • Total cholesterol screening

  • Height and Weight Measurement

  • BMI measurement

Called to Care offers influenza immunization clinics, which include:

  • Info on the benefits and risks of the vaccination prior to the clinic

  • Required documentation (questionnaire, consent and post-clinic information sheet)

  • Referral of high risk clients to their family doctor 

  • Educational and health promotional material

our Immunization Programs are meticulously designed to safeguard the health and well-being of individuals across our community.

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