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Called to Care extends a comprehensive suite of services meticulously crafted to prioritize the safety and well-being of your esteemed staff, ultimately amplifying workplace productivity and nurturing a pervasive culture.

As an employer, the wellness of your employees is very important. When your team is performing at its best everyone benefits and your bottom line is enhanced. Called to Care provides wellness solutions that can be customized to meet the needs of any company. Wellness clinics include Health Risk Assessment and Cardio Wellness. All clinics are orchestrated by registered staff.

Cardio Wellness program assists in cardiac risk reduction and lifestyle management through clinical measurement and one-on-one education. It has the options of:

  • Blood pressure and pulse

  • Total cholesterol screening

  • Height and Weight Measurement

  • BMI measurement

Called to Care offers influenza immunization clinics, which include:

  • floor cleaning

  • vacuuming

  • laundry (wash/fold/iron)

  • dish washing

  • dusting

An immunization program can reduce the number of sick employees in your workplace, improving employee attendance and productivity. Employees who receive a flu shot and still get the flu normally experience much less significant symptoms, which is important as an estimated 25% or Canadians catch the flu each year.

5-Panel, 6-Panel or 10-panel Quick Test are available for immediate results. Lab confirmation of any non-negative test results is also available. DOT and non-DOT collection of split sample urine are sent to the laboratory. Negative results are available within 48 hours. Our Medical Review Officer confirms any non-negative results.

Alcohol Tests

Breath Alcohol kit testing (done with Intoximeter) meet U.S. DOT and non-DOT requirements.

  • 24 hour on-call testing services

  • Mobile (on-site) collection services

  • Administration of random testing pools

Occupational Health services include pre-employment assessment, audiometric tests, back assessment, vision tests, spirometry testing, periodic testing, assessment and surveillance. Called to Care has qualified Occupational Health and Registered Nurses to meet your company’s needs


To rule if a possible employee is able to perform physical requisites of a job, Called to Care provides pre-employment assessments directed by Occupational Health or Registered Nurses. This assessment is customized to your company’s needs to avoid safety risks in your workplace.

Called to Care pre-employment comprehensive assessment includes:

  • Health history

  • Vital signs, urinalysis, weight and height, neck circumference

  • General physical assessment and range of motion assessment

  • Vision and hearing screen

  • Kraus Weber back assessment

  • Lift test

An Occupational Health program can be modified according to your company’s specific needs, including:

Vision Test

  • Near vision test (Jaegar- Snellen chart)

  • Far vision test (Snellen chart)

  • Peripheral vision fields

  • Colour vision (Ishihara 14-plate assessment)

Audiometric Test/Hearing Tests

  • Baseline audiograms in pre-employment package

  • Baseline and periodic audiograms for hearing conservation programs

  • A referral to family physician as required if aberrant results are identified by our Occupational Physician

Back Assessment

  • Kraus Weber back assessment



  • Baseline spirometry in  pre-employment package

  • Baseline and periodic spirometry as part of assessment package for fitness to wear respiratory protective equipment

  • A referral to family physician as required if aberrant results are identified by our Occupational Physician

Periodic testing, assessment and surveillance

  • Driver Medical exams (Canada and U.S. regulations)

  • Spirometry tests

  • Hearing tests

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